The singer tapes his longer take on J.T.'s hit, "LoveStoned/I Think She Knows"

John Mayer really meant it when he revealed recently how he considers Justin Timberlake to be pop’s hottest property. He is now even imitating J.T.’s music as a source of inspiration.

“[I’m] starting to get back into production head, searching for new sounds on a Sunday afternoon,” writes Mayer on his blog, which includes a 2-minute, 25-second YouTube clip of his take on Timberlake.

“[It’s] my (anticlimactic) take on “I Think She Knows Interlude.” It’s probably not all that close to the actual recording. I’m too lazy to learn it for realz,” he adds.

Last November, Mayer revealed the “hot streak” he thought pop was on and asserted the moment was a breakthrough for Timberlake with LoveStoned/I Think She Knows Interlude. “Not so much for the ‘LoveStoned’ part, but for the 45 seconds of ultimate sonic bliss that is ‘I Think She Knows,'” wrote Mayer.

When the song comes on, Mayer added, “I spend the first 3:30 [minutes] preparing for the awesomeness to come. Then I yell at the speakers, ‘Make this 4 minutes long and put it on the next disc!'”

Better still, looks like Mayer could be adding it to his next album.
– Pete Norman