"I'll tuck my tail between my legs and explain my intentions," he writes in a follow-up post

John Mayer‘s “confessional” blog post may not have been so confessional after all. The singer has taken to his blog – again – to reluctantly clarify a post that found him cryptically telling an ex-girlfriend, “I do not wish to have you in my life anymore.”

In a post titled, “Never Complain, (Almost) Never Explain,” the singer writes that attention and confusion over his initial blog post forced him to explain himself. (Read Mayer’s latest post here.)

Writes Mayer: “The blog – copied from my lyric/idea journal, is all about the P.S. – it’s a writing technique called ‘deceptive resolution’; you think the story is going one way, only to find that it twists around at the end, using all its momentum to swing in another direction.”

Chalking the post up to creative experimentation, the singer asks his readers, “How will I write an entire record of lyrics when one small blog passage incites so much curiosity? Can I write a song because of somebody but not about them?”

He then signs off: “Doin’ The Right Thing Like Mookie, John.”