After the final show of his two-month world tour, the singer hits a South Beach hot spot

By Linda Marx
Updated September 01, 2008 08:20 PM
Credit: Chris Gordon/WireImage

How do you end a two-month world tour in West Palm Beach? If you’re John Mayer, with a beautiful blonde cocktail waitress waiting in the wings.

While stealing glances backstage at the striking blonde during his mic breaks, Mayer was definitely in party mode at the packed final show of the tour at the Cruzan Amphitheater Sunday night.

“We’re all drunk,” said Mayer of himself and his bandmates. “Only onstage can you openly drink on your last night. I’d like to see George Bush light up a giant joint.”

Mayer, 30, also mentioned reading The Secret, the bestseller about the power of positive thinking.

One topic the singer didn’t touch? Ex-girlfriend Jennifer Aniston – whom he recently called “the smartest and most sophisticated woman” he’s ever met – by name.

But Mayer did give offer one cryptic comment.

“I had a conversation recently,” he told the crowd, “and a lot of tears were exchanged.”

The Grammy winner also warned the audience about the price of fame.

“People say I’m the hottest thing, part of a corporate machine,” he said. “Well, I’ve been out here for 10 years. I don’t want to have the number-one song. I want to be number eight. It’s a much better place to be. Because as soon as you become fashion, as soon as you become the flavor of the day, you get crushed.”

He added: “Here’s my advice for you. Never fully arrive. Be a work in progress.”

After the show, Mayer and the blonde waitress headed for SET, an Old Hollywood-style club on South Beach.

The pair hit a private, upstairs area called the Trophy Room where they ordered drinks and kept to themselves.

“She kept asking him what he wanted to drink and if he liked the music,” says a source of the mix of house and techno that was playing. “They partied till about 3 a.m.”

Reporting by JULIE KAY