John Mayer Making Himself 'Wake Up and Be a Writer'

Now that the singer's cruise is wrapping up, he's getting to work on his new album

Photo: Deano/Beetham/Splash News Online

John Mayer is putting the high seas behind him and getting down to business.

The singer, who ditched his “mankini” in favor of a little white sailor outfit during his “Mayercraft Carrier” cruise to Mexico this week, is getting ready to return to the recording studio. (First, he’ll be grabbing some “Swedish pancakes” and hitting “a merry-go-round for a few hours” – or so says one of his latest Twitter posts.)

So what does the newly single Mayer plan to write about on his fifth studio album? “The same things I always wrote about,” he said at One Splendid Evening benefiting The VH1 Save The Music Foundation last Thursday.

One thing that has changed this time around, however, is the scenery. Mayer’s recording this album at his new Hollywood home. “I gave myself a nine to five,” he says. “I’m making myself wake up and be a writer. It’s great.”

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