Busey may have spooked Jennifer Garner, but he's found at least one fan in Hollywood

By Pete Norman
July 18, 2008 10:30 AM

Actor Gary Busey may have ruffled a few feathers at the Oscars this year when he smooched a stunned Jennifer Garner. But he still knows how to tickle John Mayer‘s funnybone.

“Gary Busey … the guy is brilliant,” the Grammy-winner announced on his blog Friday.

What makes Mayer sing his praises?

Forty videos made by Busey, 64, and posted on YouTube to promote a new phone service.

Mayer lists his four favorites, which include Busey’s brainwave for saving the nation’s bears: “Last month Congress gave protection to the polar bears but not to the grizzlies or black bears. What if we created a line of hair dye for these bears so they can look like polar bears and be safe from the hunters?”

In others, a deadpan Busey expresses his admiration for mullets and Mohawks and offers advice on how SUV owners can avoid the wrath of environmentalists.

“Here’s a man who doesn’t have his head on straight acting like a man who has his head on straight acting like he doesn’t have his head on straight,” wrote Mayer – who’s in the midst of his summer tour (frequently joined by Jennifer Aniston). “It’s hilarious.”