John Mayer & Demi Lovato Exchange Compliments on Twitter

He tells the Disney star he's listening to her song – and expects her to make "lots of records"

Photo: Bill Davila/Startraks; Juan Rico/Fame

John Mayer had Demi Lovato virtually blushing after complimenting her new song “La La Land” on Twitter Thursday.

“I have ‘La La Land’ by @ddlovato stuck in my head,” Mayer tweeted. “Actually, it’s not stuck. I’m choosing to sing it. B section is sophisticated.”

The star of Disney’s Sonny with a Chance, who performed a song off her debut album Don’t Forget on Dancing with the Stars Tuesday, replied, “That is quite possibly the best compliment I’ve received in this business. Thank you so, so much!”

The two then engaged in an exchange, where Mayer, 31, told Lovato, 16, “You’re going to make lots of records, I can tell,” and “Write one song at a time and never, ever apologize for any of them, ever.”

Lovato tweeted, “See, that’s exactly what I needed to hear today. If that’s not inspiration, then I don’t know what is.”

Her fans were clearly flabbergasted, too. The teen later wrote, “I had so many of you guys say they were freaking out and so happy because I had an idol twitter me I love you guys.”

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