John Mark Karr: In His Words

Karr spoke with Thai officials, who shared excerpts of the interviews with PEOPLE

While in custody in Bangkok last week, John Mark Karr, the suspect in the 1996 killing of JonBenet Ramsey, spoke with Thai officials. In its new issue, PEOPLE has exclusive excerpts of the interviews.

On JonBenet’s death:
The Ramseys “feel their daughter was brutally murdered, and she wasn’t,” Karr told a Thai official. “It looks like that but she wasn’t. I want them to hear the truth. … I need closure and (JonBenet’s) family needs closure. … All of us have gone through enough pain.”

On people who doubt his guilt:
“(The media) is beginning to shut up about me being crazy and all that stuff. This is not a laughing matter, it’s something serious. … The world is not laughing as much now.”

On why he confessed:
“We all need to put this chapter in place, which is a conclusion, and then start the healing. The healing is what I want to start happening. To heal and feel better about what happened.”

On how he is misunderstood:
“People say I am a monster and a horrible person. They don’t know me … they won’t approve of what happened. (But) I don’t approve of what happened.”

Did he have accomplices?
“No, I was alone.”

Was this a brutal killing?
“It’s not what that seemed to be.”

On the DNA test:
“The DNA might not match, but you can’t trust the test.”

On his ex-wife giving him an alibi:
“It’s normal that people in a family protect you.”

On JonBenet:
“Worse than anything, JonBenet is gone. She is here only in spirit.”

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