John Malkovich Helps Save Bleeding Man in Toronto

The wounded man didn't recognize the actor

Photo: Steve Bisgrove/Rex USA

Bravo, John Malkovich – and we’re not referring to his turn on the stage in The Giacomo Variations.

The actor, 59, played the role of the real-life hero when he helped save a man’s life on the streets of Toronto, where he’s in town to perform at the Elgin Theatre.

Visiting from Ohio, Jim Walpole and his wife were heading back to their hotel last Thursday from a downtown restaurant when he fell to the ground, cutting his throat on the scaffolding, reports CBC News. Walpole’s wife, Marilyn, cried for help – and that’s when Malkovich came to their rescue.

The actor – joined by the owner of the restaurant, P.J. O’Brien, the couple had just dined at – applied pressure to the 77-year-old man’s throat using his scarf to help halt the bleeding. “They were so helpful,” says Walpole, “so wonderful.”

Walpole asked, “What’s your name?” he recalls. “He said, ‘John.’ And I didn’t ask the last name ’cause I didn’t figure I’d remember it anyhow.”

A trip to the hospital and 10 stitches later, Walpole was released. Now, he hopes to get to know his hero.

After all, Walpole wasn’t sure if he’s seen any of Malkovich’s movie, but his wife wants to fix that, adding, “I’m going to watch all of them that I can.”

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