Malkovich tells PEOPLE why he signed on to write and star in a film no one will see for 100 years
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If the idea of seeing John Malkovich acting in a”terrific, emotionally-charged” feature film directed by Robert Rodriguez sounds intriguing, we have some good news and bad news about that subject. The good news is that Malkovich and Rodriguez have finished said film. The bad news is that it won’t be released until 2115 — 100 years from now.

On Wednesday, the Oscar-nominated actor and Sin City director announced they had teamed up with Louis XIII Cognac to create a film inspired by the hundred years it takes to make each bottle of Louis XIII. Later that evening Malkovich and Rodriguez locked said film in a fail-proof, time-locked safe that will not reopen until Nov. 18, 2115 the date of the film’s premiere to which one thousand guests from around the world (including Malkovich and Rodriguez) received an invitation to be handed down to their descendants to attend.

To say that the project is forward-thinking and wholly unique is an understatement. Malkovich, who wrote and stars in the film, aptly titled 100 Years, tells PEOPLE he hopes that when people finally get to see it that they think of it as a “blast from the past.”

“When this idea was proposed to me, I just thought it was a very clever and fascinating concept to do something which essentially certainly I will never see,” he says. “But I like that. The truth is if you act in a play you never see it. I’ve certainly acted in a lot of movies I’ve never seen and a number of them I wouldn’t particularly be tempted to.”

Malkovich says he decided to take on the very unique challenge for the opportunity to reflect about things he wouldn’t necessarily address himself.

“What was the world 100 years ago? What did people think about what it would be? What will the world be in 100 years when I’ll be long long long gone? It’s very interesting to reflect on and that’s sort of how I addressed it,” he explains. “When they presented it to me I instinctively understood that probably I should do it, I should write it and make it personal in that respect.”

Malkovich, Rodriguez and everyone involved with the film will not say much about it except that it was created with a lot of heart.

“It’s set in today, 2015, and it’s very elegant and emotionally charged,” Rodriguez explained to reporters at the film’s announcement event Wednesday. “It’s John’s writing and again you have to touch people’s hearts that are going to see it in the future, so it has to be very honest.”

Despite the fact that most of the current population will not be alive to see 100 Years, they’re still very curious about it.

“The people I’ve talked to thought it was a very honest and smart concept,” says Malkovich. “There obviously was further intrigue because Robert Rodriguez directed it, but they liked the concept. They won’t see it and have no idea what to expect from it, but for me as I take most things I get to do in my life, It’s just another from of expression.”

100 Years opens in 2115.