John Krasinski Gushes About Wife Emily Blunt: 'I'm Her No. 1 Fan'

Blunt is "hilarious" and "extremely talented," he told PEOPLE

Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

The honeymoon phase isn’t over yet for Emily Blunt and John Krasinski.

The pair, who married in 2010, couldn’t get enough of one another at the Friday night opening of Jason Walsh’s new West Hollywood Rise Nation fitness studio.

“It’s really that we just got lucky,” Krasinski, 35, told PEOPLE of their relationship. “It’s one of those things, I’m having more fun now than the day I met her, and it’s pretty wild.

“I don’t know the formula to it, but I think she’s hilarious, extremely talented, and I’m definitely her No. 1 fan.”

Blunt, 32, and Krasinski are entering their second year as parents, following the February 2014 birth of daughter Hazel, and it’s a journey that has changed “everything,” Krasinski said.

“I think when you commit your life to anything like that it changes everything. All of the cliches are true,” he said.

A former Office co-worker may have put it best.

Krasinski said: “I remember Steve Carell said to me, ‘If your old life was your favorite book, then after you have a kid you are picking up a totally different book that is now your new favorite book.’ ”

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