October 29, 2004 09:00 AM

It’s age before beauty on Survivor: Vanuatu.

A move that began in the opening week of “Vanuatu” came full circle Thursday night with the ouster of Lopevi’s youngest member, John Kenney. He was targeted with the rest of the young men by the older members as being too strong, and was the last of the junior contestants on the mostly male team.

Kenney had survived several weeks due to Lopevi’s domination in immunity challenges, but that came to end as Rory – the only man on the reorganized Yasur tribe – turned in a spectacular performance to save his tribe and his own neck.

The 22-year-old Kenney did not help his cause when, at tribal council, he announced his fondness for napping. With the exception of Kenney’s own vote, the decision to send him home was unanimous.

Meanwhile, at Yasur, the women and Rory showed new signs of life after being soundly defeated in both reward and immunity challenges for the past couple weeks. In an ironic reward challenge that compensated contestants’ steady nerves with all the coffee they could drink, Yasur won and was also treated to letters and pictures from home.

Later, when the nature of the immunity challenge – a slingshot-shooting competition – was presented to both teams, Lopevi captain Sarge predicted a sure victory for his tribe, comparing his team to a championship college and Yasur’s to “a high school squad.”

But it was Rory who had the last laugh, dominating the competition and sending Lopevi to council, which evened out the teams at five members apiece.

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