Jonathan Ernst/Reuters
September 16, 2016 02:15 PM

John Boehner‘s got a new job.

The former house speaker, a noted heavy smoker, has joined the board at a top tobacco company. He will serve as a director at Reynolds American, the Winston-Salem, North Carolina-based tobacco company that makes Camel and Newport. (Boehner currently smokes Camel brand cigarettes.)

The company announced the news in a statement on Thursday, saying Boehner will join the board immediately and serve on its corporate governance committee. Boehner’s salary for the position was not revealed, but is expected to top his former house speaker salary of $174,000. CNN Money reports that directors at the company made at least $300,000 in fees and stock awards last year, with one bringing in nearly $1 million.

A Boehner spokesman said in a statement, “RAI is striving to transform the tobacco industry through innovative strategies that include speeding the decline in tobacco use among young people and reducing the harm caused by smoking. These are objectives Speaker Boehner supports and looks forward to helping RAI advance through his service on the board.”

Smoking is not technically allowed in the Capitol, but that didn’t stop Boehner, according to NPR.

The lingering smell of cigarette smoke Boehner left behind in the speaker’s office was so strong that his successor, Paul Ryan, had to have new furniture and carpets installed.

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