The former Dancing contestant is ready go on tour – with his pregnant wife

By Michelle Tan
June 09, 2007 07:30 AM

Call it the luck of the Irish. On St. Patrick’s Day, former New Kids on the Block singer and Dancing with the Stars contestant Joey McIntyre found out that his wife Barrett is expecting their first child in November.

“Being an Irish guy that’s a good luck charm!” McIntyre, 34, tells PEOPLE. “We’re thrilled. We just moved into a new house so it’s all coming together.”

But there won’t be much time for nesting. On June 20, McIntyre will embark on the Dancing summer tour and Barrett, 28, will be among the ballroom groupies on the road.

“She’s a little worried about some of the bumpy roads but I’m sure she’ll be fine,” says McIntyre, who will be sure to take care of all the luggage. “I don’t want her to lift anything,” he says. “She’d rather do it herself than ask somebody so it s frustrating for her to sit back and ask for me to do it.”

Another frustrating part for the mom-to-be: “She can’t eat chocolate anymore,” McIntyre says. “She keeps saying she loves chocolate, but the baby doesn’t. She used to like chocolate and peanut butter and now she likes potato chips and salty stuff. It’s definitely different.”

But throughout the ups and downs, McIntyre is right by her side. “They do all the work and the husband just has to stand by and roll with the changes,” says the future father with a laugh. “They’re obviously going through a lot. You can’t always figure it out exactly. You just have to be there and available.”