May 02, 2016 09:05 AM

Coming across a baby bird that’s fallen from it’s nest can be a daunting, but YouTube star Joey Graceffa is making sure his fans know exactly what they should do if they find themselves dealing with a fallen fledgling.

In a video debuting exclusively on PEOPLE, Graceffa and his boyfriend Daniel Preda tour the Audubon Center at Debs Park Los Angeles and learn about baby birds from an assistant center director.

Here are the five main points Graceffa and Preda take from their visit:

1. Assess the situation.
The older the bird, the less likely it is that you should step in to help.

2. Remove pets from the area.
Other animals – even your pet cat or dog – could get curious about the fallen bird. It’s best to keep the baby away from all other animals.

3. Return the bird to its nest.
There has long been a school of thought that if a bird parent smells you on their baby, they’ll disown them. But the assistant center director says that it is actually not true. It’s totally fine to pick the bird up.

4. Build a new nest (if needed).
If you can’t find the original nest, you can make one of your own using materials you can find in nature. But the nest in the tree nearest to where you found the bird.

5. Leave the nest alone.
As much as you might want to, it’s not a good idea to monitor or check in on the baby bird. The parents may or may not be around and they may not take kindly to you being so close to their baby.

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