"I get to be more of myself without feeling like I'm hiding something," Graceffa said

By Alex Heigl
November 02, 2015 11:55 AM

YouTube star Joey Graceffa came out in an emotional video he posted in May (and then subsequently clarified what little confusion there might have been in a subsequent video titled, “YES, I’M GAY”). Speaking with PEOPLE on Saturday in New York for Stream Con, Graceffa talked about how his life has changed since that moment.

“I get to be more of myself without feeling like I’m hiding something,” he said. “Or I have to be particular with what’s in my videos. Now I can paint my nails. You don’t have to be gay to paint your nails, but I feel more free and not judged about my actions, like wearing a wig or wearing makeup. Just being able to be myself more, and not feeling like I have to hide a part of my life.”

Graceffa also teased some details about a forthcoming murder mystery series he’s working on, starring other YouTube personalities. No one’s been cast for what sounds like a Clue-style caper, but he promises “lots of killing.” Okay, so maybe less Clue and more Scream Queens.