Joey received a personal message from Dolly Parton before dying

By Naja Rayne
Updated March 04, 2016 08:30 PM
Rick Diamond/Getty

Joey Feek had a lot of dreams come true before her death on Friday after battling cancer.

In November, the singer’s husband, Rory Feek, had a video made by one of wife’s idols – Dolly Parton.

“From the time she was four years old, Joey had been singing Dolly’s songs and dreamed of one day meeting her,” Feek wrote in a blog post announcing her passing. “She never got the chance to meet her in person and had no idea that Dolly even knew who she was. But that changed one Friday evening this past November.”

In a successful attempt to surprise Joey, Feek and the rest of Joey’s family surrounded the mother of three as she looked in disbelief as Parton appeared on the screen with a personal message for Joey.

“Joey and Rory, I’ve loved you for years. Joey, I just want you to know that I really appreciate the fact that you’ve often done my songs, talked about me at different times. I’ve heard that you’re a big fan,” Parton said through the television. “Well, I want you to know I appreciate that and I want you to know I’m sorry that you’re not feeling well.


“But I know we have something in common. We both believe in a higher power. We believe that through God, all things are possible. So you keep praying, and I’ll keep praying for you. I just think that you’re wonderful and I know that God’s proud of you. I just wanted to take a chance to say thank you for loving me, and I’ll be loving you.”

Joey’s reaction is priceless, as she begins to ask, in surprise, how this happened, before hugging and crying with Feek, as the two shared whispered words and I love yous.

Joey died on Friday in her hometown of Alexandria, Indiana after her brave fight with terminal cancer. She was 40 years old.