November 25, 2003 11:38 AM

“Joe Millionaire” cowboy David Smith has picked a girl and ‘fessed up to his actual assets — or lack thereof.

Czech brunette Linda, who bested 13 other European beauties to land a $250,000 prize (along with Smith’s heart), stood by her man — winning him a 90-acre Texas ranch. But the romance appears to have fizzled completely for TV audiences, who mostly ignored this latest installment.

In Monday night’s final episode, after admitting to Linda that he wasn’t a tycoon, Smith left the Italian villa where the FOX dating show had been filming and returned home to Texas — where Linda was waiting for him, notes the Associated Press.

“I felt that David was calling for me,” she giggled before the cameras.

FOX executives appear to be less blissful about the fate of their second-season show, “The Next Joe Millionaire: An International Affair.”

“Our instincts told us from the very beginning that ‘Joe Millionaire’ was a one-time stunt and I think we got greedy,” Sandy Grushow, FOX television entertainment chairman, told reporters Monday.

The first time around, some 23 million viewers tuned in each week to watch the escapades of hunky construction worker Evan Marriott. But the gimmick — in which contestants were told their working-class prospective suitor was made of money — fell flat on second viewing.

This season’s shows have averaged only 6.5 million viewers — making it the No. 85 show for the season, according to Nielsen Media Research.

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