The singer ponders his acting future – and dreams about becoming an author


What does the future hold for the Jonas Brothers? More music, more acting – and maybe a bestseller.

In the June issue of Seventeen, Joe, 19, opens up about where he sees himself in five years. “I guess personally I would love to do more acting, maybe movies – that would be really cool,” says the singer, whose Disney Channel series, Jonas (costarring his brothers), premieres Saturday.

His acting role model? “I think Johnny Depp’s work is really great – he always incorporates music into what he does.”

Joe adds that he also might want to “write a book one day, because I love to read. The Alchemist is my favorite book of all time.”

For now, the trio remain focused on music, but not just their own. “We’ve got a bunch of different artists that we’re starting to work with,” explains Kevin, 21. “There’s one band called Honor Society – we’re working on their album right now. We’re producing it, and they’re coming out with an album signed to our label.”

Fortunately, the guys still have time for each other. “Joe and I are very close on tour,” Nick, 16, tells the magazine. “Because we share a room together, we talk a lot.”

And that relationship, he says, is what keeps them grounded. “It’s a weird thing going from the crowds who you play for to an empty hotel room by yourself. It’s the switching of worlds that can really make you not have a good head space.”