Joe Jonas' Future Girlfriends Require His Friends' Stamp of Approval: They 'Are Really Tough About New People'

"She's gotta have a sense of humor and find my weird sense of humor funny," the musician tells PEOPLE

Photo: Monica Schipper/Getty

If you wannabe Joe Jonas’ lover, you gotta get with his friends.

Though the hunky DNCE frontman is currently single, his future girlfriend will have to go through some tough grilling to be a part of his squad.

“The biggest test is bringing her around friends because I have friends who are really tough about new people – we have a really tight circle. You bring them around friends and see if they can handle themselves well – that’s usually a good test,” Jonas tells PEOPLE about the initiation process for any new prospects.

The singer – who is helping The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf celebrate the launch Nitro Cold Brew with a secret concert in Los Angeles – and his model girlfriend Gigi Hadid split last November after “it was just hard to make it work with their schedules,” a source told PEOPLE.

As for what he looks for in a girl? A jokester just like himself.

“I would say she’s gotta have a sense of humor and find my weird sense of humor funny,” he says.

And Jonas stands by ex-girlfriend’s Demi Lovato‘s statement to Billboard, saying she experienced some Disney Channel PTSD since departing with her Camp Rock crew, which includes youngest Jonas brother, Nick Jonas.

“One hundred percent,” he agrees. “I don’t know if it’s as intense as they might describe it, but yeah definitely.”

“We all flip through those years and sometimes you’re over sensitive about certain song lyrics or the way you perform or what you say,” Jonas explains. “But as long as you’re happy and you’re not doing anything to harm yourself or somebody else than everything’s good.”

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