Sasha Obama Joins Vice President Joe Biden to Cheer US Team to World Cup Victory

Photo: Ronald Martinez/Getty

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and Sasha Obama were among the star power cheering the FIFA Women’s World Cup final of U.S. vs. Japan to a massive 5-2 victory in Vancouver on Sunday.

“One more goal! One more goal!” the VP cheered intently as the game entered extra time.

Lloyd, Women’s World Cup Champion USWNT Could Not Be Stopped

Biden was watching the game alongside his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, and grandchildren, the children of their late son, Beau.

The VP stayed closed to his grandson Hunter, explaining some of the finer points of the beautiful game and holding his hand earlier as they walked the stadium together.

When a reporter asked Biden if he played soccer as a child, Biden said he didn’t really have a chance.

“I played football,” he said. “My boys were 5 and 6 and started in a county league. And it went from 50 kids to 600 in three years. I don’t even think the high school that I went to had a soccer team.”

His attention then quickly turned to his sons.

“Beau played and was captain of the soccer team. Hunt played football,” he said, referring to his other son. “I never played soccer. But I watched all Beau’s games.”

Beau Biden, who passed away in May from brain cancer, was definitely present at heart.

“I remember in Beau’s sophomore year I got a call from him. He said, ‘Dad,’ he said, ‘I made the team.’ He said, ‘I’m halfback.’ I said, ‘You’re a striker. I didn’t know you played halfback.’ He said, ‘I’m playing football.'” The VP laughed and explained he played what was called lightweight football – a varsity sport at University of Pennsylvania.

As the game continued, the VP talked about what a big impact the win would have for women’s soccer in the US. “It’s big. But it all started with Mia Hamm,” he said, motioning to the former USWNT star seated a row in front of him.

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Maisy Biden, one of Hunter Biden’s daughters, was also in the stands with her grandpa. Maisy and Sasha going to miss their summer league basketball game on Monday because Air Force Two won’t get home from the World Cup finals in Vancouver in time.

It didn’t seem to dampen their spirits. The group joined members of the U.S. team on the field shortly after the win to celebrate, posing for a photo behind an American flag.

While Biden has been to two men’s World Cup matches, this was his first Final.

In a interview with Good Morning America on Monday morning, Carli Lloyd, who made history as the first player to register a hat trick in a World Cup final, and scored all three of her goals in the first 15 minutes, said she could feel the love.

“It felt like we were playing in the US. The crowd was cheering loud, we could hear them, we could feel it – the energy in the air was unbelievable,” she said.

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