Sweetin tells PEOPLE her battle with substance abuse is "in the past" and life is now "so good"

By Dahvi Shira
April 14, 2011 03:15 PM
Naomi Abehsera

It’s been a long road to recovery for Jodie Sweetin, who battled with alcohol and meth addiction on and off for more than a decade.

But the former Full House actress, 29, whose obstacles were chronicled in her 2009 memoir unSweetined, says she wants to focus on the future and let her two daughters, Zoie, 3, and Beatrix, 8 months, know her for the person she is today.

“[My struggles are] pretty much in the past,” Sweetin told PEOPLE at Zoie’s birthday party Wednesday, at L.A.’s Sweet E’s Bakeshop. “Hopefully, it’ll never be anything my kids have to be a part of. I wish I hadn’t gone through that, but I did.”

Although Sweetin says she isn’t going to “sit down and talk to my kids about it preemptively or anything,” she won’t lie to them should they ever press her for information about her past.

“I’ve been really open about what I’ve gone through in general, so if they ask me about it, I’ll be open with them, too,” she says “I don’t think there’s any reason to hide it. It’s nothing I’m ashamed of. But just like with various people my own age, I’m not just going to go out of my way to talk about it with my kids.”

Quiet Nights In

In terms of her sobriety, Sweetin credits it for her newfound appreciation of life.

“My life is so good that I’m not missing out on anything,” she said, stepping away from her Italian lunch made by Vesuvio L.A. “I finally got to a point in my life where I go to bed at, like, 10:30. To me, a nice night at home is watching American Idol, reading a book and sleeping. Now, I don’t think anything in the world could be better than what I have.”

Sweetin, who describes her fiancé Morty Coyle as “wonderful and fantastic,” says she still remains on friendly terms with her ex-husband, Cody Herpin, with whom she shares equal custody of daughter Zoie.

Sweetin, who had her youngest daughter with Coyle, has been going on auditions recently and wants to focus on getting back into acting.

“I think I’m done having kids,” she says. “If I had more, it would be in a few years from now, but I think I’m good.”