The actress speaks out about accusations that she had a substance abuse relapse

By Rennie Dyball
January 15, 2009 01:00 PM
Vince Flores/Celebrity Photo

Jodie Sweetin is speaking out for the first time about her estranged husband’s allegations in court papers that she had a substance abuse relapse – and media speculation about her recovery.

“There are a lot of things being said about my using that are not going on right now,” Sweetin, 26, tells PEOPLE exclusively in the new issue. “I want to make it known that I am absolutely, 100 percent sober.”

The former Full House star and recovering alcoholic and meth addict – who showed off her new baby girl Zoie on the cover of PEOPLE in June – admits she did have one relapse over the summer when she drank several glasses of wine with dinner.

“I immediately called other people who are in recovery,” says Sweetin, who’s currently in a 12-step program. “Any slip for me is not good, but I didn’t let it stall my progress. I could have just not said anything and brushed it under the rug. But that doesn’t help me make different choices in the future. Zoie comes first for me, as well as my sobriety.”

But Sweetin’s husband Cody Herpin, 31, says she’s had more than one relapse, and he’s concerned about their 9-month-old daughter. “She has continuously broken her sobriety since Zoie was born,” says Herpin, who filed for sole custody. “I’m worried about Zoie.”

A judge ruled on Dec. 17 that the couple share 50-50 custody of their daughter for now, and that Sweetin’s custodial time would take place at her parents’ home, where she currently lives, or in the presence of one of her parents. A court psychologist also testified that she doesn’t believe Sweetin poses a threat to the child. Both sides have been ordered to undergo drug testing before their next hearing on Feb. 9.

As for the split (Sweetin filed for legal separation on Nov. 19), says she would like to keep the reasons behind it private, but adds, “It’s been difficult.”

For his part, Herpin says those reasons remain a mystery to him. “She never even told me, ‘We’re getting a divorce.’ I had to find out from her attorney. To this day, I still have no idea why.”

Reporting by KEN LEE