In Her Own Words: Jodie Sweetin Tells PEOPLE About Justin Hodak Just Weeks Before Their Engagement

The pair first met through mutual friends, then reconnected and "it's been really good ever since," Sweetin told PEOPLE

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It only takes a quick glance through her Instagram to see that Jodie Sweetin is smitten.

Make that officially smitten.

“We can confirm that Jodie Sweetin got engaged to Justin Hodak last night and they are both thrilled,” a rep for Sweetin told PEOPLE Friday.

Just last month, the actress, 34, who stars in next month’s Fuller House on Netflix, told PEOPLE about her man.

“We met through mutual friends years ago and we reconnected a little over two years ago,” she said. “It’s been really good ever since.”

Hodak accompanied Sweetin to a taping of her upcoming series, as well as to various events for the show over the past few months.

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“He’s super excited and he watched Full House growing up,” says Sweetin, who has been married three times. “It was something kids our age watched and he really loves it.”

And as for hopes for the spinoff series, “He thinks it’s going to be a really great show and that families are really going to be entertained by it. And, of course, he’s proud.”

Fuller House starts streaming on Netflix Feb. 26.

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