What do Jodie Foster, Jim Carrey, Rick Schroder and Maria Shriver have in common? According to author Bill Cordingley in his new book “In Your Face: What Facial Features Reveal About the People You Know and Love,” they all have “relatively pointed noses,” and “a narrow nose tip is a sign (of) a person who instinctively wants to help others improve their lives.” In other words, states Cordingley, they are critical of others. Claiming that his “In Your Face” approach will reveal “how people can uncover anyone’s personality drives, needs, abilities, likes and dislikes,” Cordingley admits that his study may sound far-fetched. “So,” he tells, “I invite you to prove to yourself just how accurate this method is. Think of people you know with short necks. Aren’t they all stubborn and inflexible? Think of people with big chins — like Jay Leno. Aren’t they always touching people?” Cordingley hopes that his book will serve as a useful tool that “will show single men and women how to spot potential partners with compatible personalities, as well as assist couples in improving their relationships by better understanding each others’ needs.” Here’s looking at you, kid.