From Andi Dorfman to Gloria Steinem, see what these female movers and shakers had to say at Create & Cultivate

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This past weekend, women from all across America gathered at Create & Cultivate, a conference and online platform for women looking to score the career of their dreams. And offering them advice on doing so was another group of women, speakers ranging from influences and bloggers to celebrities to full-on icons (hey, Gloria Steinem!).

If you didn’t make it to the conference, never fear: We’ve rounded up some of the most inspiring, thought-provoking, action-starting quotes from the day’s events below.

On being genuine on social media:
“My followers wanted to keep up with me after the show finished airing… [But] people can sniff out inauthenticity. Be true to who you are.”
— Andi Dorfman, former Bachelorette

Credit: Becki Smith/Smith House Photo

On what needs to change to avoid insensitive gaffes, like the Pepsi scandal:
“It’s not just the high-profile, the models [that need to be more diverse]. It’s the people in the board rooms behind the scenes.”
Emily Sears, model

On respecting your employees:
“I like to think of the people that I work with as my peers, I never say ‘this is my employee.’ We work with each other, they don’t work for me. I like to have an environment where I want everyone there to think of themselves as an entrepreneur. I don’t want to tell you what to do all the time – I want you to come to me with an idea, whether it’s part of your job scope or not.”
Rebecca Minkoff, fashion designer

Credit: Becki Smith/Smith House Photo

On realizing people do care about you and your life:
“I wasn’t writing [personal posts] on my blog because I’m an exhausted mom of a small child. I thought ‘no one wants to know.’ I kept thinking of it as super personal.”
Eva Amurri Martino, blogger at Happily Eva After

On the responsibility of attention:
“With a tremendous platform, you can’t afford to be silent.”
—Claire Sulmers, writer and editor

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On creating a positive workplace:
We’ve created an environment that supports family and says your family is first. I will get mad at my team if they’re not at their kid’s soccer game or going to their kid’s doctor’s appointment. I trust them and I respect them.
Kendra Scott, fashion designer

On not letting the rejection get you down:
“Hearing a lot of a no’s will keep you plenty grounded.”
— Katia Beauchamp, co-founder of Birchbox

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On using privilege for good:
“Use whatever privilege you have to speak for others who don’t have it.”
Nicolette Mason, writer, consultant and designer

On owning what you have:
“Everyone is an expert in their own experience.”
Gloria Steinem, author and feminist icon

Credit: Becki Smith/Smith House Photo

On embracing different sides of yourself in business:
“Your identity is not fixed. Being a creative and being an executive are not binary.”
—Piera Gelardi, co-founder and executive creative director, Refinery29

On not pretending to be something you’re not:
“I always just tried to be different, because I am.”
— Courtney Quinn, blogger at Color Me Courtney

On avoiding the temptation of comparison:
“Put your blinders on and stay in your own lane. You have to focus on your own s—.”
— Lauryn Evarts Bosstick, blogger at The Skinny Confidential