By Danielle Dubin
Updated May 09, 2008 11:40 AM
Credit: Steve Yeater/AP

Joaquin Phoenix walked away with more than an Oscar nod for his portrayal of Johnny Cash in 2005’s Walk The Line – the actor, who learned to play guitar for the role, also realized he loved to make music.

Three years later, the actor is now cutting an album with U.K. band The Charlatans. “Once he learned guitar he found that he had quite a lot of demons inside himself that he wanted to expel through music,” the band’s frontman, Tim Burgess, told Billboard.

It’s possible, however, that the demons could get the better of Phoenix’s recording career. “All the tracks that me and [Charlatans manager] Alan [McGee] worked with him on were brilliant,” said Burgess. “But he just kept scrapping everything or re-doing everything.”

The album does not have a release date, but “I’m trying to get Alan to force him to put it out,” Burgess said.