The 80-year-old comedian fires back at Lawrence for saying E!'s Fashion Police promotes "wrong values"

By Wade Rouse
Updated November 13, 2013 01:45 PM
Credit: John Lamparski/WireImage; WENN

It’s becoming an all out fashion war between Joan Rivers and Jennifer Lawrence.

Rivers, 80, is firing back at the 23-year-old actress after she criticized her E! show Fashion Police for teaching young people “the wrong values.”

“There are shows like the Fashion Police that are just showing these generations of young people to judge people based on all the wrong values and that it’s OK to point at people and call them ugly or fat,” The Independent reported Lawrence as telling Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer while promoting The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. “We have to stop treating each other like that and stop calling each other fat.”

Rivers immediately took to social media to respond with cutting humor.

“WAIT! It just dawned on me why Jennifer Lawrence fell on her way up to the stage to get her Oscar,” Rivers quipped on Twitter, referencing Lawrence’s famed tumble after being named Best Actress for Silver Linings Playbook. “She tripped over her own arrogance.”

The Fashion Police host didn’t stop there.

“It’s funny how Jennifer Lawrence loved @E_FashionPolice during Awards Season when we were complimenting her every single week,” Rivers wrote. “But now that she has a movie to promote, suddenly we’re picking on all those poor, helpless actors.”