The former Good Morning America host stays strong while battling breast cancer: I can do this

Joan Lunden was only planning on getting a spray tan.

But when she walked into a salon in Greenwich, Conn., on June 25, one week after finishing up her first round of chemotherapy as part of her fight against breast cancer, she was suddenly inspired to do something far more bold.

Having come to terms with the fact that she would soon be losing her trademark blonde hair, Lunden had a moment of revelation before the tanning could begin.

“I thought, ‘The only thing worse than a bald head is a pink bald head,'” Lunden recalls, sinking into the couch at her vacation home in Maine in August, wearing a black bandanna over the blonde hairpiece she now sports regularly.

So without thinking twice, the former Good Morning America cohost had her mane buzzed off, compliments of a quiet stylist named Juan.