WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Gives Ted Cruz His Donald Trump Impersonation Treatment

Cruz also talked about the campaign trail and what he expects after New York


Donald Trump offered some friendly interview advice to Ted Cruz on Thursday. Well, sort of.

During Cruz’ appearance on the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon impersonated the GOP front-runner as he had a conversation with Cruz prior to the Texas Senator taking the stage.

Touching on everything from his stance on immigration to his “Trump tower,” Trump (aka Fallon) offered Cruz some friendly pre-show advice, even throwing in a helpful tip about navigating New York: “walk fast.”

However, after taking the stage, it was Cruz’ turn to throw some punches at his opponent. After Fallon pointed out that the presidential hopeful had crossed everything off his list – including going to Princeton, Harvard Law and forging a career in politics – with the only thing left being to run for and become the president, Cruz made a joke about Trump’s high school aspirations.

“Donald Tump, his high school yearbook, his goal was to make every late night comic rich,” Cruz said.

Getting more serious, Cruz also dished on the toll his campaign has taken on his family, admitting that it’s been hard, but he’s still enjoying it.

“It’s exhausting, but I’ll tell you I’m having more fun than I’ve ever had in my life. It’s hands down the hardest part,” he said about bringing his family along with him. “Heidi is on the road non-stop.”

Cruz, who is in New York campaigning before the primary on Tuesday, also shared his thoughts about the upcoming race on Trump’s home turf. While he admitted that Trump has an advantage, he also revealed that even if Trump wins New York, he’s still expecting a contested convention.

“New York is Trump’s home state. He’s going to do well,” Cruz said. “Regardless of what happens here, we are headed to a contested convention in Cleveland. None of us would have gotten a majority [by then] and then it becomes a battle. Where do the Rubio delegates and the Kasich delegates go? I think naturally they come to us.”

Hopefully, that’s true for Cruz’ sake, as he still shied away from answering the question – asked twice by Fallon – of him supporting Trump if the billionaire businessman is indeed the Republican candidate.

“I am working very, very hard not to have to answer that question,” Cruz said. “I have to beat him in Cleveland. If you’re a Hillary supporter you’re rooting for Donald. We don’t want to forfeit the White House and hand over another four or eight years.”

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