Jeannie Gaffigan is recovering after having a brain tumor surgically removed last month


Comedian Jim Gaffigan‘s wife Jeannie is recuperating after having a “life-threatening” brain tumor surgically removed in April – with the love and support of the couple’s large brood.

Taking to Facebook on Monday, Gaffigan wrote, “Two weeks ago an MRI revealed @jeanniegaffigan had a large tumor around her brain stem that was life threatening. After nine hours of urgent surgery, the tumor was completely removed. She is now recovering at home. We thank you for your continued prayers.”

Jim and Jeannie first met at a NoLiTa Korean market in New York City back in 2000, according to their New York Times wedding announcement from three years later.

Jeannie told the newspaper that she initially turned down Jim’s date requests, but “then he asked again, and again.”

“When I finally said I’d go out to lunch with him the next Saturday, he said to me, ‘You know, we’re probably going to get married,’ ” added Jeannie.

Obviously, Jim’s prediction was correct: they wed in July 2003.

Credit: Robert Trachtenberg

Now, the pair is much more than husband and wife – they’re also professional partners.

Jeannie co-wrote and executive produced Jim’s 2015-2016 TV Land series The Jim Gaffigan Show and also helmed her husband’s most recent Netflix comedy special, Cinco.

In an interview with PEOPLE last month, Jim opened up about how he and Jeannie balance the role of professional collaborators with that of parents to their five children: daughters Marre and Katie, and sons Jack, Michael and Patrick.

“Our relationship has always been – ever since we first started dating – it’s been collaborative,” Jim explained. “So we’ve always had this similar work ethic where we don’t really view it as a job. And it doesn’t happen in a set or even a scheduled time, it’s an ongoing discussion.”

He added, “And having five young children it would be impossible to do that. You know, years ago we used to put the kids to bed and then we’d drink wine and talk about stand up, but those days are a fond memory.”

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Jim said he and Jeannie always write together for his specials or tours: “I will typically come up with an idea, go on stage, kind of play around with it, write from that and then have a discussion with my wife. Then she’ll see me do the set, she’ll have ideas or edits and the jokes will kind of grow from there.”

As for parenting, Jim insists it’s his wife that’s got it all figured out. “I don’t know what I’m doing,” the star told PEOPLE last year. “I think it’s my wife, she’s Wonder Woman. But it’s just fun chaos. I come from a big family and my wife comes from a big family — I think there’s a lot of value in sibling chaos.”

The whole Gaffigan brood can agree on one thing, though, Jim recently told PEOPLE: “Humor is of incredible value in our family.”