The couple tour places from McCarthy's past so Carrey can "put my scent all over them"


Video courtesy Harpo Productions

Forget roses and a romantic dinner. Jim Carrey had another Valentine’s Day plan for girlfriend Jenny McCarthy. “We’re just gonna go everywhere she ever existed – you know, where she had her first kiss,” the comedian says on an episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show set to air Monday.

In McCarthy’s hometown of Chicago for the taping, the comedian, 46, said: “[We’re going to] see all those places that were near and dear to her and I’m gonna put my scent all over them … I’ll say, ‘Oh, gee, is that where you had your first kiss with Tony Lobianco?'”

So, what did Carrey – who appeared on the show with his Horton Hears a Who! castmates Steve Carell and Carol Burnett – give his girlfriend, 35, for Valentine’s Day?

“I did a painting for Jenny and it took me 50 hours,” he told the talk-show host. Asked Oprah: “What do you paint?” “Mostly nudes,” Carrey replied. “Just certain sections of the anatomy – and I give them names.”
Brian Orloff