Jim Carrey Settles Child-Support Issues

Looks like Jim Carrey has renegotiated his daughter’s allowance. The funnyguy has resolved a dispute with former wife Melissa Carrey, who claimed his $10,000 a month in child support was not enough to give their 15-year-old daughter Jane bodyguards, horseback riding lessons or a private ski instructor.

A spokesman for the “Dumb and Dumber” star tells Reuters that a deal had been struck but did not reveal terms. (Carrey’s salary for his movies has been reported to be $20 million per picture.)

In court papers filed in January and posted on the Smoking Gun Web site, the ex-Mrs. Carrey (the couple divorced in 1995) said that Jane — an only child who wants to pursue a career in showbiz — was severely limited by her budgetary constrictions.

“Jane enjoys Pilates and takes classes at the local Pilates studio but does not have her own personal trainer or her own Pilates equipment,” Melissa Carrey said in her court papers.

Melissa also made note that she supports Jane’s classes in drama, music recording and arranging, singing, tennis, dance, Pilates and computers, but that a $200,000 studio would be nice in order for the teen to practice her fitness regimen and musical instruments, reports Reuters.

“Jane does not have personal security … which I believe is important to have at this time,” Melissa Carrey said in the court papers. The mother also noted that Jane is “often followed around” by photographers.

Speaking of which, Melissa also claimed that her daughter also requires cash to be professionally photographed for her upcoming career.

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