The comic says their relationship works because "we're both on the same path"

By Jed Dreben
Updated February 05, 2007 09:40 AM

How can you tell Jim Carrey is in love? He was only 10 minutes into a press conference for his new movie, The Number 23, when he mentioned girlfriend Jenny McCarthy.

Referring to a large, gothic-style fake tattoo he wore for the film, Carrey, 45, proudly told reporters in Beverly Hills on Friday, “Jenny liked it! It was weird – it’s amazing what a tattoo does for a girl.”

Carrey, who has dated Renée Zellweger and was married to Lauren Holly, said of McCarthy, 34: “I feel that our relationship happened at a time that I am more ready than I have ever been in my life to have a relationship.”

He continued, “We also encourage each other. We’re both on the same path, so it’s really – real.”

He and McCarthy first started getting serious over the summer, when they went on dates ranging from a helicopter ride in Santa Monica to a Radiohead concert in Los Angeles.

“This is the happiest I’ve ever seen Jim, and we’ve been friends for a really long time,” said The Number 23 director Joel Schumacher. Turning to Carrey, he added, “And I’ve seen you when you’ve been really suffering in love.”

Carrey admitted, “The only thing that has ever consumed me is love. Feeling like, ‘What is it? How do I get it?’ All of those things have consumed my mind from time to time.”