Cathriona White fatally overdosed on prescription medication in September 2015

By Jodi Guglielmi
Updated October 01, 2016 12:20 PM
Credit: K. Rogers

Jim Carrey and his late girlfriend Cathriona White are seen celebrating a sweet Valentine’s Day in newly surfaced photos, amid a wrongful death lawsuit filed by her estranged husband Mark Burton.

“These intimate Valentine’s Day photos taken less than a month after Burton’s quickie Las Vegas wedding prove that the marriage was a ‘green card marriage,’ ” Carrey’s lawyer Martin D. Singer tells PEOPLE in a statement.

“The Valentine’s Day photos also fly in the face of the claim that Burton suffered ‘loss of companionship.’ Multiple witnesses have also come forward who say that Cat had asked five different men to marry her to avoid deportation,” Singer said in the statement.

White’s estranged husband Burton, to whom she was still married at the time of her death, filed a wrongful death lawsuit last month claiming Carrey supplied White – who fatally overdosed on prescription medication in September 2015 – with the drugs she used to kill herself.

Carrey, 54, had previously said White, who was 30, took the drugs from him without his knowledge. In a revision to the complaint, Burton also alleges that Carrey gave White several STDs during their relationship.

In a statement provided to PEOPLE Saturday, Burton’s lawyer, Michael J. Avenatti, said:
“Jim Carrey and his ‘fixers’ are trying to distract people away from the fact that Carrey gave Cat three STDs, lied about it, dumped her, called her a whore (her words), and then gave her illegal drugs that she overdosed on.”

In a response, Carrey’s lawyer, Singer, said: “Mr. Avenatti’s statements are defamatory. He is trying to deflect from the fact that his client has no right to sue by sending to the media carefully edited texts with significant redactions.”

In a series of newly released photos – provided to PEOPLE by a close friend of the couple – Carrey and White are seen kissing and enjoying a Valentine’s Day together.

In one photo, a romantic meal is placed on a table surrounded by rose petals and candles.

Both are seen flashing smiles as they sit down at the dinner table, which featured even more elaborate floral decorations for the evening.

Another photo shows the gifts she received from Carrey, including a box of chocolates, stuffed bear and a card that was addressed to “White Cat.”

A collage of photos was even created to remember the special night.

Carrey and the Irish-born makeup artist dated on and off for three years after meeting on a movie set in 2012.

Shortly after Burton filed the lawsuit against Carrey, the actor spoke out about the allegations.

“Is this the way a ‘husband’ honors the memory of his ‘wife’? The real disease here is greed, shameful greed,” Carrey said in a statement.