PEOPLE has a sneak peek at the singer's upcoming book

Jewel has always had a way with words.

Now the Grammy-nominated songwriter is pouring her talents literary talents into a new project: a book! has the exclusive first look at her first full-length memoir, Never Broken: Songs Are Only Half the Story.

The book, set to be released on Sept. 15, will chronicle her life and career, including her unconventional upbringing and her path to stardom. In it, she will also share advice and lessons learned from her experiences.

“My life has been about constantly challenging myself to discover who I am, and to become responsible for my own happiness rather than being a victim of whatever fate has thrown my way,” Jewel, 40, said in the release for the book.

“I hope that the personal experiences I write about will help others to understand that, no matter how bleak or how gilded, we are not prisoners of our circumstance unless we believe ourselves to be.”

Adds her editor Sarah Hochman: “Jewel has survived and triumphed in the wilderness of Alaska and the wilderness of rock stardom to become a cultural icon. Her writing reveals a poet’s instinct and a pioneer’s indomitable spirit.”