May 07, 2002 01:02 PM

As her European tour approaches (it’s scheduled to begin next week), Jewel, 27, is saying that she feels “a little weird” to be without her guitar, but a broken collarbone will prevent her from toting the instrument, the singer-songwriter tells the Associated Press. She sustained her injury, as well as a broken rib and some major bruises, last month when she was thrown from a colt at the Texas ranch of her boyfriend, rodeo champ Ty Murray. Murray, whose ranch is about 90 miles southwest of Dallas, drove the platinum-selling singer (her debut, “Pieces of You,” sold 11 million copies) to his own orthopedic surgeon for treatment immediately after the accident. “I guess I’ll have to polish up my dance routine,” Jewel (full name: Jewel Kilcher) told the AP regarding how she’ll look on stage. She said the guitar is “like a security blanket.” Originally, the European tour was to begin this Friday in Italy, but because of the accident, the date was pushed back to May 13. The first concert will take place in Germany. The U.S. leg of her tour is still expected to commence June 14 in Tampa, Fla. As for that nasty horse that threw her, she said, “He was really green, and he started bucking with me.” Even so, she’s willing to get right back on a horse. “I’ve ridden colts my whole life,” she said. “When you work around livestock, you’re going to get hurt.”

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