By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated April 25, 2002 10:00 AM

Pop singer Jewel , 27, broke her collarbone and a rib and suffered bruises Wednesday when she was thrown from a colt at the Texas ranch of her boyfriend, rodeo champ Ty Murray, Atlantic records copresident Ron Shapiro told the Associated Press. “I think it was a freak accident. She does ride horses very frequently,” said Shapiro. “They’ve confirmed to me that nothing was life-threatening. But she is badly hurt.” Medical emergency services were not called, said Shapiro. Instead, Murray, whose ranch is about 90 miles southwest from Dallas, drove the platinum-selling singer (her debut, “Pieces of You,” sold 11 million CDs) to his own orthopedic surgeon for treatment. Shapiro added that Jewel (full name: Jewel Kilcher) will not be hospitalized, but will require a collar and a sling for at least a month. Because of the incident, Jewel is forced to cancel her promotional tour for her latest (and third) CD, “This Way.” A European tour due to have commenced in Italy May 10 remains up in the air, says AP, but Jewel should be able to take on her U.S. tour, slated to kick off June 14 in Tampa, Fla.