The bride-to-be celebrated with friends and family at a co-ed party with fiancé Eric Johnson

Credit: Greg Tidwell/Pacific Coast News

What! No strippers?

It’s true: Jessica Simpson opted for a tame – but no less fun – co-ed bachelor-bachelorette party alongside fiancé Eric Johnson.

Simpson, 33, and Johnson, 34, hosted about 40 people, including their bridesmaids, groomsmen and Johnson’s former football teammates. Simpson’s mom, Tina, and Johnson’s dad also attended the bash at the Warwick in Los Angeles on June 8.

“It wasn’t about being naughty,” says a friend of Simpson’s. “They just wanted a great night out with their friends and family.”

“They didn t want a traditional bachelor-bachelorette where they go off and do their own thing, because our group of friends is so close we just wanted to all be together,” adds Simpson’s longtime friend and bridesmaid, Stephanie Terblanche.

“This is what we would do anyway. We would all go out, and I think that this speaks for the group. If we are not going to be at someone s house hanging out playing beer pong, this is the closest thing to it,” says Terblanche.

During the “relaxed” evening, “everyone had a great time,” says the friend. “There were fun toasts at dinner and dancing!”

And even though there wasn’t a single X-rated party prop in sight, the friend says both Simpson and Johnson “were just excited to have some fun and celebrate with the people they love.”

With reporting by PATRICK GOMEZ

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