May 19, 2004 08:00 AM

Expect to see more of Jessica Simpson: The Newlyweds star, who is due to launch her Jessica Simpson Reality Tour on June 4 in New Orleans, also will be starring with her sister Ashlee in commercials for Hershey’s new Ice Breaker breath mints that will begin airing nationally next week.

At a New York press conference this week, the Simpsons – who were two hours late getting in from the airport by helicopter because of fog – extolled the virtues of the product, and Jessica, 23, and her 19-tear-old sister were about to push by saying, “They’re our favorite for makeout sessions!”

“Which I don’t have!” the dark-haired Ashlee – who will launch her own MTV reality series this summer – was quick to reply, as quoted by the New York Observer.

Jessica shot down that claim. “Every day it’s another guy,” older sis insisted.

Apparently, Ashlee’s dating will be a big part of her upcoming TV show.

“You see her break hearts, you see her heart get broken,” said Jessica. “She doesn’t take any of my dating advice – she’s too stubborn for all that!”

In the breath mint commercials, the two debate whether the Ice Breakers Liquid Ice breath mint is liquid or ice, a mock reference to Jessica’s once having confused the tuna she was eating for chicken, because it was called Chicken of the Sea.

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