Jessica Simpson Shines for Troops in Kuwait

"I am having a blast," she says before her three-hour Operation MySpace concert

Jessica Simpson took her act on the road Monday – and ended up outside Kuwait City.

“I haven’t really got a lot of sleep, I tell ya,” Simpson, 27, told the camera for the Today show as a group of U.S. soldiers surrounded her in the background.

“I am in Kuwait, I’m enjoying all the troops – having a blast,” she said. When it came to what she was doing over there, Simpson said she was “signing autographs, meeting them, showing all the support I can.”

The troops are in Kuwait in anticipation of being deployed to Iraq. Simpson was voted they act they most wanted to see.

Prompted by a question from the morning program’s New York studio, Simpson turned to the soldiers around her and asked, “Hey, guys – do you like having me here?”

The guys whooped it up.

Preparing for the three-hour Operation MySpace show for the troops, Simpson said, “I can’t wait to get up there and have fun with everybody.” She also said that she would have “some of the soldiers carrying me around.” On the program are patriotic songs, ranging from “Top Gun” to “God Bless America,” she said.

The concert, which is expected to attract a live audience of 5,000, will stream live on MySpace, starting at 11 a.m. PT/2 p.m. ET.

Simpson first announced her concert last month.

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