Simpson stops singing on Good Morning America when there's a problem with the sound

By Brian Orloff
Updated September 09, 2008 02:25 PM

She made it through her new single “Come On Over” with no trouble, but Jessica Simpson hit a bump in the road during her second song Tuesday on Good Morning America.

On the morning show to promote her country crossover album Do You Know, in stores Tuesday morning, the pop star began her second song, “With You,” only to abruptly stop it after singing the opening line. Simpson blamed the do-over on a technical glitch.

“Hold on,” a good-natured Simpson said. “I know this is live TV, but I can’t hear anything. Do it again.”

With that, her band began again and Simpson started singing, missing a line or two, but otherwise delivering it mishap-free.

Before the performance, the singer chatted about going country with Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts, explaining that the genre-switch was just a natural progression.

“It’s just a natural place for me,” she said of country music. “I’ve always been a country girl, so it feels good being on stage and being myself.”