Jessica Simpson & John Mayer Hit Miami

Simpson and Mayer share a workout – and a romantic dinner – in Florida

Three weeks after getting cozy in New York over New Year’s Eve, Jessica Simpson and John Mayer made another cute-couple appearance, this time in Miami.

On Monday, the pair worked out together at the Four Seasons hotel’s Sports Club/LA gym, taking a yoga class and then lifting weights a deux, sources said.

That evening, they arrived hand-in-hand at The Shore Club’s Nobu restaurant, where they sat and talked for more than two hours over sushi and bottled water.

Simpson, 26, and Mayer, 29, longtime friends who’ve been linked off and on since the summer, chatted easily, and at a few points she leaned forward and he reached across the table to hold both her hands.

“They looked really cute together,” says one witness at Nobu. “They were talking and laughing the whole time. She was constantly fixing herself to make sure she looked her best for him.”

When the check came, she reached for her bag and he reached for his wallet. She, however, pulled out a lipstick while he grabbed the bill. After the meal, she took a trip to the ladies room, and when she came out, wrapped her arms around the much-taller Mayer and stood on her tiptoes for a kiss on the nose.

How long will the couple be in the Sunshine State? Mayer, at least, should be sticking around: He’s performing in Jacksonville on Thursday, Miami on Friday, Orlando on Saturday and Pensacola on the following Monday night.

UPDATE: Sources say that at 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Simpson and Mayer left their hotel and boarded his tour bus together, headed toward Jacksonville.

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