The trainer to the stars writes about Jessica Simpson, Megan Fox, the Kardashians and more

By Harley Pasternak
December 26, 2012 01:45 PM
Courtesy Harley Pasternak

In 2012 we re-elected our president, fell in love with Honey Boo Boo and danced “Gangnam Style.”

For me, 2012 was an incredibly rewarding year. First off, I’m healthy. Without health, nothing else matters. Second, as a fitness trainer I’ve been blessed with a profession that helps other people become healthier, feel better and look better. Below are five of my celebrity clients I was very proud to help this year. Their dedication to healthy eating and regular exercise sets a great example for all of their fans – including me.

1. Jessica Simpson’s Post-Baby Weight Loss
Perhaps the biggest story this year in Hollywood bodies was Jessica‘s amazing post-baby transformation. With the help of Weight Watchers‘ point-based nutrition plan and three to four sessions a week with me, Jessica shed all her baby weight (and then some!).

During our workouts, we focused on training one upper body exercise, one lower body exercise and one core exercise to maximize calorie burn and muscle tone. I also got Jessica to wear a pedometer and go walking. Jessica even gave her whole Weight Watchers group pedometers to inspire them all to walk over 10,000 steps a day. (Of course, now that she’s expecting baby No. 2, Jessica will modify her exercise and nutrition appropriately.)

2. Jordana Brewster
The Brazilian beauty and her husband Andrew have been longtime clients. As she appeared on both the big screen (The Fast and the Furious) and small screen (Dallas), Jordana was a busy – and fit! – lady.

Aside from our three workouts a week, she truly perfected her healthy eating lifestyle with three meals and two snacks a day. From my 5-factor oatmeal frittatas for breakfast, to my shrimp quesadillas for lunch and delicious stir-fries for dinner, Jordana was on top of her diet. She also started to use her blender this year, following some of my new Body Reset Diet recipes.

3. Maria Menounos
Fresh off of a grueling Dancing with the Stars season, the Extra host and WWE wrestler was riddled with injuries and had zero free time to exercise. So, we focused on her diet and non-gym physical activity to sculpt her incredible body into top form for the cover of Men’s Health magazine.

Maria blended smoothies (from the Body Reset Diet) for breakfasts and lunches, cooked a variety of healthy salads, stir-fries and seafood for dinners, and ate her favorite Greek yogurt-covered snack bars between meals. It all paid off as she blew everyone away with her flawless photos.

4. The Year of the Kardashians
The Kardashian sisters continued to wow in 2012. Occasionally, I get the chance to kick their butts in the gym. I make sure to focus on their posterior muscle groups – the back, triceps, glutes and hamstrings – using strengthening moves like dumbbell deadlifts, superman and lying triceps extensions. These exercises improve posture and protect against injury.

I also got the girls and their age-defying mother, Kris Jenner, to get friendly with their blenders. The girls try to make at least one of their daily meals a delicious Body Reset Diet smoothie.

5. Megan Fox’s Post-Baby Body

As 2012 was the year of many celeb post-baby transformations (including three of my clients), it’s only fitting that the top two stories are new mommy bounce-backs. Largely due to the fact that Megan stayed so active and fit during her pregnancy, only three weeks after delivering baby Noah, she was red carpet ready and as stunning as ever. Megan and her husband, Brian Austin Green (also a client) made eating well and working out with me a top priority.

I hope 2012 was an incredibly happy, healthy and successful year for all of you. And may next year bring you even more of the same.

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