The singer discusses her disappointment with her ex and reveals her "mom jeans" were only a size 4!

By Hilary Shenfeld
March 03, 2010 12:25 PM
George Burns/Harpo Productions

Jessica Simpson dated John Mayer off and on for nearly two years, but she says she barely recognized the man quoted in a recent controversial Playboy interview.

“I was so disappointed in him,” Simpson tells Oprah Winfrey on The Oprah Winfrey Show Wednesday. “That’s not the John I knew.”

Simpson felt betrayed, and while her ex apologized for the interview in which he compared her to “crack cocaine” and revealed intimate details of their sex life, the singer says, “I haven’t written back. I don’t accept it … I hope he gets his life together.”
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Size 4 Jeans

Tackling another controversy from her past, Simpson reveals that the infamous “mom jeans” for which she was roundly criticized were only a size 4. Simpson, 29, endured a storm of criticism last year after she performed on stage at a chili cook-off in what were universally declared unflattering jeans that many said made her look fat. But she’s never been larger than a size 6, she tells Winfrey.

Though the brouhaha dragged on – Simpson calls it the lowest point of her year – she never wanted to fight back publicly. “I didn’t want to let people know it was affecting me,” she says.

Simpson admits that when she sang at that event, she had gained weight since her skinnier days appearing as Daisy Duke in the 2005 The Dukes of Hazzard movie and had even eaten a “big ‘ol corn dog” just before the concert – but “people talking about me gaining 10 lbs. is ridiculous and really sad,” she says.

Still the chatter bothered her – especially because people haven’t stopped talking. One day before taping Winfrey’s show, Simpson says that the airport security guard, who patted her down before a flight, told her, “You’re really not that big.” “People think I’m 245 lbs.,” she says. “It’s really hard.”
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I Look Great

Simpson says she’s happy with her shape and size now, which fluctuates between a 4 and 6. “I love my curves,” she says.

One positive side of the whole jeans fiasco, she says, is that it sparked the idea for her new VH1 reality show, The Price of Beauty, in which she travels around the world to explore other people’s notions of beauty and the lengths to which women will go to achieve it.

The program, which premieres March 15, helped her come to terms with her own appearance. “I finally relaxed and I don’t care what people have to say about my weight,” she says. “I think I look great.”

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