"I just need to find the right man," says the Price of Beauty star

By K.C. Baker
March 11, 2010 01:20 PM
Credit: iheartradio.com

Jessica Simpson is not afraid to poke fun at her past failed romances, but the singer still hopes to find true love.

“I hope I don’t die alone, that s for damn sure,” she told the audience Wednesday at IHeartRadio presents An Evening with Jessica Simpson in Manhattan.

As for what she’s looking for in a guy, Simpson, 29, says, “Hopefully I can find a man that understands my life and understands my purpose. I just need to find the right man.”

Dating in the public eye is challenging for the star whose new VH1 series, The Price of Beauty, debuts Monday. “It does affect certain decisions. Like, I’d love to go out to dinner with certain people I’ve met but I can’t because everyone would be like, ‘Wow!!! They’re gonna get married!’ ”

During the event Wednesday, which included a Q&A sessions with Simpson led by Danielle Morano from Z100 s Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, the singer performed “Who We Are,” the song she co-wrote for The Price of Beauty with pal Billy Corgan. The performance will debut Monday on iheartradio.com and Z100.com.

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