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November 17, 2010 02:00 PM

Jessica Simpson’s fiancé Eric Johnson popped the question on Nov. 11, a source told PEOPLE, because the date was significant to the couple. Why is the date so special?

Glynis McCants, a famed numerologist, offers one interpretation of the date’s meaning. Nov. 11, she says, “is a big deal in numerology.”

“Nov. 11 is when the universe is wide open to what you want,” says McCants. “That means her dream came true.”

McCants adds that the day, the 11th, is also special on its own: “One plus one is two, and two is the love number,” she says. “How romantic is that?”

“It’s a very powerful date,” McCants continues. “The [number] 11 represents love, and when you add up the whole date and reduce it to one digit, it’s 7, which [represents] spirituality. That’s huge.”

As for the couple’s numerology compatibility, McCants says they’re destined for a lifetime of happiness.

Former NFL player Johnson, 31, was born on Sept. 15, is what McCants calls a double six, because the day adds up to six, as does the entire date when reduced to one number.

“Six is the father number and means, ‘I will take care of you,'” she says. “I think they’ll get pregnant quickly and he’ll be an amazing father!”

Too soon? For now, though, the couple is gearing up to celebrate Thanksgiving together in New York with their families, right after the release of Simpson’s Christmas album on Nov. 22.

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