The short shorts-wearing Dukes of Hazzard star is selling jeans in sizes 12-24

By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated August 10, 2005 08:35 AM

Jessica Simpson, who wears only the skimpiest of denim garments in The Dukes of Hazzard, has rolled out a retail line of jeans for plus-size women.

The $59 slacks, available at Avenue stores, fit sizes 12-24, reports USA Today.

“We have people 300 lbs. or 90 lbs. come up to Jessica and say, ‘I’m just like you,'” Jessica’s father and manager, Joe Simpson, tells the paper, adding: “It’s not about the outside. It’s what’s inside.”

As for the shorts Jessica dons onscreen for Dukes (she plays cousin Daisy Duke), Simpson can thank the movie’s costume designer Genevieve Tyrrell, who says the short shorts were the first priority on the wardrobe to-do list.

“It’s the cornerstone of the whole look. We started with dozens of cuts of jeans, colors, fits. We cut them off, washed them to give them a raw edge and then Jessica walked into trying on 25 pairs,” Tyrrell tells the Associated Press. “All her wardrobe fits into one box because everything is minuscule.”

Compared to what Catherine Bach wore on the original ’70s TV series, Simpson’s pants sit lower on the hips, but the “hem” actually looks a tad bit longer than the shorts that hit Bach above her hip bone.

The hem on the front part of the thigh arcs up, then it arcs down around the hips into a downward curve in the back to help keep the rear of the shorts in place. “When they’re hanging on a hanger, they’re minuscule,” Tyrrell says.

Simpson also wears a wallet and chain that clips to her belt – a custom-made leather one with a floral pattern, AP reports.

Also, while Bach added a little extra nylon sheen to her legs in the TV series, Simpson goes bare. At the foot of it all: red leather sandals with ankle straps and gold-colored spike heels.

“They’re not just hot,” Tyrrell says, “they’re tough (and) all things you could’ve gotten in Hazzard County.”