She talks about her low-key life with Timberlake – and why she avoids the Hollywood scene
Credit: Peter Kramer/AP

Jessica Biel has already said she’s looking to expand her resume. Could a future film include boyfriend Justin Timberlake?

“If it was the right thing, yeah, I would love to costar with Justin,” Biel, 27, tells Parade. “I just don’t know what the right thing is, though.”

With a high-profile romance – and a growing career – it would make sense that the Easy Virtue actress would be very involved in the Hollywood scene. But, she says, she and Timberlake would rather just relax together.

“We just hang out at home,” says Biel. “You have to have a real life because of the kind of crazy Hollywood stuff that you can get wrapped up in. It’s so important to have hobbies and girlfriends, and not know people that work in Hollywood.”

Of her relatively low-key lifestyle, she says, “It keeps you sane. I was playing soccer and I joined a kickball league. That’s way more interesting to me than going to some party.”

To that end, Biel’s next role won’t be on the silver screen. “I auditioned for a summer production of Guys and Dolls at the Hollywood Bowl,” she says. “I thought, ‘Well, I’m not a soprano anymore, but I guess I’ll go in for it.’

“I literally walked in and said, ‘I can do this song but we’re going to have to drop it down a few notes.’ Actually, I did pretty well and I got the part of Sandy, which I’ll be performing later this summer.”