The actress calls her relationship with Timberlake "the one part of my life that is my own"

December 09, 2008 09:30 AM

Why won’t Jessica Biel talk about Justin Timberlake? It’s simple, she says. “It’s the one part of my life that is my own and not for anyone else.”

And, as Christmas approaches, Biel already has the best gift of all. Her relationship is “one sparkly present,” she tells the January issue of British GQ. “And I don’t want to open it in front of strangers.”

Biel – currently starring in Easy Virtue – also opens up about the challenge of finding good roles as a woman in Hollywood.

“Your face and your body can get your foot in the door, obviously. And I’m thankful for that,” she notes. “But I think it’s almost historical in Hollywood that there just aren’t so many good parts for women as they are for men. I think as long as you’re playing the wife or the girlfriend to the lead then you’re always playing second fiddle to the guys.”

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