Jessica Alba Reveals Lip-Synching Skills

She also blogs about how "being preggers in this heat takes everything to another level"


She’s taken to her blog to reveal her love of ham and cheese sandwiches – and now Jessica Alba is e-confessing another love: board games. “Been playing a lot of board games lately,” she writes in a new post. “Apples to Apples is a new favorite of mine. I know super cool right.”

Alba is no slouch at another extracurricular activity: a new music video. Uploaded to her fiancé Cash Warren’s Internet venture (co-founded with basketball player friend Baron Davis), the actress appears in a music video, lip synching to Panic at the Disco’s song “Nine in the Afternoon” in a coordinated video with employees at the site.

The mom-to-be also takes to her MySpace Celebrity blog to vent about everything from the weather – “Being preggers in this heat takes everything to another level” – to run-ins with the paparazzi. “Guess they even work on holidays,” Alba remarks about an Easter Sunday encounter.
Brian Orloff

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